New Horizon, LLC is an evidence based medical facility that treats overweight and obese conditions through “best medical practices”. New Horizon, LLC specializes in non-surgical approaches to weight loss with a goal of achieving long-term weight loss through behavioral change.  Our comprehensive weight loss programs include complete behavioral management and individual exercise plans that are learned and adopted as healthy lifestyle changes. Our nutritionists work with you individually to identify good food choices as well as trigger foods that can make weight management difficult.

Our multi-disciplinary staff provides you with a comprehensive approach to weight loss. We provide the education and support for permanent lifestyle change. Weekly visits not only provide medical supervision, but also empower you to take ownership of your weight loss journey. Our staff of Nurse Practitioners, Nutrition Counselors, Coaches, Counselors and Personal Trainers, all practicing under our board certified physician, will work with you each week to encourage and support your efforts. The cornerstone of our success with you comes through education and behavioral changes. Small changes can cause significant results in you health over time.

Each patient starts with a full medical evaluation. Medical problems and assessments of risk for future illnesses will be discussed with you and concerns will be presented to you in an educational and motivational way. With your permission, we will also collaborate with your primary care doctor to ensure complete continuity of medical care.

All programs are personalized to meet your individual needs and they are medically monitored by our experienced medical team to ensure safety and effectiveness. With the support you receive from our team during your weekly visits, you can receive all of the help you need to be successful.