Yes, today we had yet another patient reach a goal, in her case 50 lbs of weight loss in 26 weeks. On the surface this may not seem to be a big deal, but her program did not include any medications or artificial food products. She took the slow healthy road of working with the New Horizon staff on her nutrition, fitness and behavior modification. Because she has successfully modified her bahavior around nutrition and exercise, she will continue to lose weight. Her lifestyle includes a daily routine that has been designed for her continuation of weight loss.

Simply put, making sure that her calorie intake is slighty less than her calorie burn rate will contribute to safe and long lasting weight loss result. This can be achieved with the right guidance on food quality and portion control. Our honored patient was very receptive to the plan created by the New Horizon registered dietitian. She also incorporated an increase in physical activity and was held accountable by her New Horizon personal trainer.

Planning is easier than execution. Execution requires work! At New Horizon, the staff holds it’s patients accountable week to week. Providing sound encouragement and consistently working to achieve goals will lead to success. The “work” is made easier when a great support team is in the patient’s corner.

When a patient is ready to make the commitment to lose weight, engaging a team of professionals increases the odds of being successful tremendously. Somebody needs to be coaching, cheerleading and measuring progress and somebody needs to be holding the patient accountable.

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