Every day we read new statistics about childhood obesity and how it will cripple America in decades to come. Weight Loss is a significant challenge for this population because of the environment they are raised in. According to the American Obesity Association, about 30.4 percent of teenagers are overweight, and 15.5 percent of teens are obese. This means that 45.9 percent of teens are at risk for developing health problems due to weight. Generally speaking, a person is obese when their BMI exceeds 30 percent. Many school systems are screening their students and testing for BMI regularly to gain an understanding of the problem and how it is trending.
Although many factors can be identified to substantiate why half of our young population is overweight, studies have found three main culprits: Drinks laced with sugar, processed foods and too much time being spent with video games and watching TV. Our teens spend far too much time engaged in non-exercise events and have tendencies to consume unhealthy foods during these activities. Sooner or later the diagnosis of hypertension, diabetes, sleeps disorders or heart disease creeps in.
New Horizon is reaching out to families with overweight children. The need for help is real. We have boldly created a program for teenagers that call on counselors, dietitians, sports trainers and medical practitioners to create a complete wellness plans for each individual. New Horizon will be offering FREE counseling sessions on Feb 16th to allow teens and their parents to learn about alternatives available to them. The obesity epidemic needs to be confronted, and it starts with education and awareness. New Horizon will work to that end with each family to help their teen get on the right track.

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