OPTIFAST is a state -of-the-art weight management program that combines the talents of many people to provide a personalized weight loss experience. To lose weight, you must increase your energy expenditure and decrease your energy intake to create a negative energy balance. When you burn more calories than you consume your body begins to use stored energy (body fat) to meet your energy demands. It sounds simple but a great deal of determination and motivation is required to achieve success.

OPTIFAST portioned-controlled nutrition products give you precise control over the calories you consume without weighing or measuring. This makes it easier to maintain a reduced calorie intake over a long period of time. The OPTIFAST program is monitored by a medical practitioner and the program visits are covered by major medical insurances. OPTIFAST products are paid out of pocket. However, while in the first phase of the OPTIFAST program, the patient is no longer shopping at the market for themselves as the OPTIFAST products provide all of the required nutrition for the body. The complete OPTIFAST program can be found at optifast.com.

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