Diet and NutritionTrue health and wellness is achieved through a nutrition plan specific to the needs of each individual. Nutrition education and support is a key component of the plan you will receive at New Horizon.  Weight loss can occur naturally when your nutrition is in proper balance with your metabolism.

Results from your metabolic testing provide a cornerstone on which your nutrition counselor will begin to build a nutrition plan that you can embrace with confidence. Eating quality foods that compliment your dietary needs can greatly enhance your over all health and have you feeling stronger. Our objective is to empower you to make healthy food choices in any circumstance.

Over time, dietary adjustments can have a positive effect on your energy level, physical appearance, and interest in exercising. Together, these positive effects can create a new sense of vitality for you.  Dietary changes can also reduce the risk of other serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, stroke and heart disease.  At New Horizon, our staff knows exactly where to begin to help you get started with healthy eating.

Our staff will work with you individually on all aspects of nutrition and help you develop plans and strategies to promote healthier food selections.