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The New Year is here and you have wondered about detoxing your body after hearing others give rave reviews of how they feel after their cleansing. You may not have clarity about detoxing, but your curiosity keeps you in search of more understanding.
Simply put, detoxification is a process that is crucial in helping your body stay healthy. Anthropology studies have shown that cultures from around the world have historically had cleansings and fasting rituals allowing them to refresh their bodies after long winters. It helped them to shed the “extra” fatty layer of winter that kept them warm. In Chinese medicine, fasting is part of preventative health care.
Throughout our daily living we are subject to toxins. The food we eat, the chemicals we come in contact with, and the fumes we inhale all have a cumulative effect on your body and can lead to many of the diseases we deal with in society today. Pollution or pesticides in our food source put undue stress on our detox organs. Internal toxins can accumulate through metabolic by-products stemming from bacteria in our systems. Our normal detox pathways can be compromised and overloaded because our environment is so toxin filled. Our bodies have natural mechanisms responsible for detoxing daily through the proper functioning of our liver and kidneys.
When we feel that we are congested from too much food or from eating the wrong foods and if energy levels are low and we are plagued with a long list of medications, detoxification can be a helpful solution. There are many ways to detox, from fasting to eliminating all but certain foods for a specific period of time. All such programs seek to remove poisons from our bloodstream and body tissues. The problem comes when our detox mechanisms become overloaded and the process becomes less efficient.
It has been suggested that toxic overload can contribute to more serious conditions such as auto-immune disease, inflammatory/rheumatoid arthritis and neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
At New Horizon, the goal of our detox program is to gently cleanse toxins away from the body to avoid these more dangerous diseases. This will allow the liver to return to a healthy state and perform as an efficient cleansing machine. Our focus is not on the physiological alone. We know that mental detoxification, the cleansing of negative thought patterns and emotions, helps to uncover frustrations, anger and fear, and replaces them with forgiveness and love.
We believe that a balanced approach to detoxification is most effective and rewarding. At New Horizon, we administer our detox program under medical supervision to insure there are no conflicts. We also consult with our patients prior to the start of detox to make sure they completely understand, and are comfortable with the detox process.

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