Weight Loss, Diet, Exercise and Apps!

The world of “smarter” smart phones and the apps they can bring your way put the tools you need to monitor and improve your health in the palm of your hand. Many free apps will help you get a grip on your food buying practices, physical activity monitoring and on a more medical note do things such as track blood sugar readings, food intake and medication use.
Three hot ones for keeping track of physical activity area would be “Runtastic”, “My Fitness Pal”, and “Pedometer Free GPS Plus”. These apps will help you monitor nutrient intake, track details of physical activities, monitor heart rate and calories burned and create maps of walking and running routes.
In the food department, check out “Food on the Table”, “Big Ovens” and “Fooducate”. These apps can do everything from reading product bar codes to obtain nutritional data on food products to finding healthy recipes, create menus and grocery shopping lists.
For those looking to track some of their medical stats, “Instant Heart Rate”, “Glucose Buddy” or “Cardio Buddy” would be examples of apps that are fun and interactive. They of course are no substitute for your primary care doctor, but they can help you organize your medical data and even use your smart phone camera lens to detect heart rate from the finger tips.
Visit these apps and see if they can be a helpful tool for you. New apps will continue to be developed that will enhance your ability to quickly get good information about products we buy, foods we eat and the tracking of our own progress.
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