Weight Loss in January


January Weight Loss Folly 


Did you ever observe people you know talking about weight loss as a resolution only to find that a year later they are still talking?  Although their intentions are noble, the actions required to make any progress are scarce.  For the people that actually take action, it is found to be short lived in most cases.  The reason for this is that losing weight is hard work and requires encouragement and supervision by a third party to make it stick. Without this support mechanism, the well intended person will drift from the path they so enthusiastically desired.  In order to be successful with weight loss for the long term, there must be not only a physical, but also an emotional and spiritual transformation.  When the mind and spirit are called upon to be a part of the process, it will serve as the driving force behind the behaviors required to stay true to your goal.  Changes in behavior are essential during any weight loss effort for lasting results. For whatever weight loss program you choose, be sure that you are working with professional counselors.




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