Can weight loss occur without starvation diets and medication? Yes, you can be empowered to undertake the process in a very natural and holistic way. Most of the time a small adjustment in diet that compliment ones exact metabolism can make the difference. Once that adjustment becomes permanent (behavior modification), it has a greater chance of staying with the individual for a life time. To identify those adjustments accurately, a full medical analysis should be completed in order to learn exactly what is going on with a persons’ metabolism.
With metabolism being understood, a dietitian can work with you to create a reduced calorie food plan that will work. A dietitian will also help you select better alternatives for food with a focus on whole foods, fruits and vegetables.
There is great value in working with a wellness coach to stay focused on your goal. They will provide motivation, encouragement and most importantly help you continue to move forward. The last component again is the exercise piece that a personal trainer or exercise physiologist can create you with. They will help you set goals and hold you accountable for reaching them as part of your overall wellness program. Ideally, having these three professionals under one roof to collaborate and create the best treatment plan and follow up plan is the prudent way to go.
Getting back in shape is not easy. If a program is represented to be fast, and easy to do, then it probably is not true. Staying consistent with a diet and exercise plan is hard work and requires great discipline if it is to be successful. Using professionals will enhance your chances of success. A wellness coach and a dietitian can be very helpful in keeping you on track.
Let us not forget the importance of the exercise component. Part of any treatment plan should include an exercise component that is appropriate for the individual. Its purpose and goal need to be clearly stated. Make it challenging, but keep it fun.

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