Weight Loss Naturally

New Horizon Medical is the first facility of its kind in the area to offer medically supervised health and wellness to the entire family. Many of the medical disorders we have as adults are related to the behaviors and habits we learned as youngsters. Ideas about exercise, nutrition and how we learned to take care of ourselves has molded us into who we are today. Many of us have landed on our feet in good health and some of us may not have been so lucky. Disorders such as hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea and overweight conditions often link back to habits of our past. New Horizon can help these patients.

Under the Directorship of Dr. Meena Mehta, New Horizon offers several programs to include Fitness Medicine, Sleep Apnea Screening, Nutritional Services, Wellness Counseling, Weight Loss, Personal Training, Metabolic Analysis and VO2 Endurance Testing all of which are found on their website at www.newhorizonhealthandwellness.com. The staff at New Horizon is very personable and welcoming to every new patient.

The New Horizon staff is excited about working with adolescents and teens to help educate them on the importance of good nutrition and fitness. What our children learn from us is what they will take with them into adult life. New Horizon’s objective is to help families understand how a few behavioral changes can benefit their children’s health in a meaningful way. We can help prepare children for success by giving them the tools that will stay with them for life.

The most alarming symptom we see with our younger patients is being overweight. Overweight conditions and obesity among teenagers has gained national recognition as an epidemic that New Horizon is addressing. The Adolescent & Teen Weight Management Program at New Horizon is designed to help children learn with their parent(s) the value of making smart choices about eating and exercise. Practitioners, wellness coaches, counselors, nutritionists and health fitness specialists collaborate to create an achievable nutrition and exercise plan for each child. We empower children by teaching them healthy habits and how to and how to make smart food choices.

New Horizon’s approach to weight loss is the most effective and safe method available. A customized treatment plan that focuses on nutrition and exercise is designed for each patient. On weekly visits our patients meet with a counselor, nutritionist and a personal trainer to review their plan and make adjustments as the patient gets healthier said Al McCooey, New Horizon’s Business Director. There are no starvation diets, prescribed medications or pre-packaged foods offered. We help our patients make lifestyle changes that will stay with them for a lifetime said Dr. Mehta. Some of our patients are looking to get ready for spring by losing 10 to 20 pounds and others are looking to lose much more to avoid the onset of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other related disorders. People who try to reach their goals on their own seldom do, but a formal program with professional guidance enables many more people to be successful. Good health is more than the absence of illness and New Horizon will bring patients to a new level of wellness enabling them to regain vitality and feel a new excitement about life.

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