Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching is more listening than talking, more asking than telling, and more reflecting than commenting. Coaching is not advising patients on how to solve problems, nor analyzing the root causes, but rather co-creating a collaborative environment in assisting people to achieve a higher level of both physical and mental well-being. Getting people to optimal wellness is at the forefront of today’s hopes and dreams of physical and mental health professionals. Wellness coaching uses a positive psychology approach to help assist people in coping well with stress and increasing life satisfaction by developing a blueprint for well-being and becoming confident in our ability to implement it. Normally we ask experts to tell us what to do, but when we are trying to lose weight, reduce stress, or develop a positive and confident Mindset the expert approach actually lets us off the hook, sending us the subtle message: You aren’t in charge. We need to take a holistic view of our health and well-being. Wellness coaching enables people to be done with the quick fixes, to overcome their challenges, to master health and well-being, and to make changes that last. Let the wellness coaches at New Horizon Medical Clinic help you develop a wellness, health and fitness behavioral plan that is personally tailored to your circumstances and capacities through using techniques such as goal setting and promoting the “I can do it!” attitude.

~Danielle Morley EdM, CPT

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