What is motivation?

What is motivation? What does motivation look and feel like to you? There are many definitions of what motivation is: It is the desire, drive, or incentive to achieve a goal. The desire is the driving energy that ignites the action to move forward. Motivation looks and feels different for everyone. What motivates one person towards a specific goal may not motivate another.

Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life.
—Herbert Otto

Motivation is rooted in a process of visualizing the possibilities and potential that lies within us. That potential is the goal that awaits achievement. Here is a 2012 question? What is your wellness potential? What is the motivator that will begin to move you toward your specific wellness goal? To answer that question, begin by becoming aware what you are thinking, and feeling about wellness. What does wellness mean to you? If you are not leading your ideal wellness life, then what will motivate you to begin your journey towards greater wellness? The more clarity you gain around what your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions of health and wellness are, the greater the sustainable wellness outcome.

The wellness professionals at New Horizon Medical motivate, and inspire you to reach your wellness potential as you visualize it. Your wellness is your choice. It depends on your motivation and your motivation depends on you knowing yourself both inside and out.

Susan Miccile
Wellness Empowerment Coach

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