Weight Loss and Metabolism

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Our custom weight loss programs are based on each patients’ complete medical intake, blood panel, physical exam, metabolic analysis and lifestyle. Obtaining an accurate metabolic rate is difficult because numerous factors (eating, movement and temperature) can effect the results. At New Horizon we perform a resting metabolic rate (RMR) test that examines your oxygen input and carbon dioxide output. Your RMR provides an estimate of how many calories you burn at rest. This provides a baseline from which the team will begin to develop your customized nutrition plan.

A testimony from one of our patients:

“26 pounds in 8 weeks! That’s what I lost at New Horizon. What I gained is my health! I am enjoying quality foods more than ever before and I have increased my energy level. I feel great! The staff has me on a customized treatment plan that is holistic. I eat good food, no meds or starvation! On my journey at New Horizon, I have the full support of a dietitian, a wellness coach and a personal trainer. I’m just so excited for where New Horizon is taking me!” Liz E. Easton, MA

New Horizon is committed to helping each patient learn healthy habits and make positive lifestyle changes.   We teach nutritionally sound practices and help you to learn how to deliberately make smart choices.  We know that constant education is a large part of your continued success. Taking such an approach can empower you to prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, sleep apnea, arthritis and some cancers.

At New Horizon we know that lifestyle change can be challenging and we are here to help you meet those challenges. All aspects of wellness will be addressed by our multi-disciplined team. They will work closely with you to teach the best techniques for achieving greater health and vitality. At New Horizon you will never be alone on your journey. Major medical insurances are accepted.  Contact us today for a FREE phone consultation and to get started +774-215-5579.

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