“The New Horizon Staff is awesome! From the very first time I walked through the door, I could feel the energy. Everyone is welcoming and knows my name. They are all professionals and they have helped me get better not just by losing weight, but by feeling more confident and alive. They gave me a nutritional diet that I love. It’s all falling into place for me. I’m so glad I found New Horizon. I’m telling everyone about your services!”

Kathy, Dedham

“I started with New Horizon 5 weeks ago and have lost 12 pounds and my metabolic age has dropped below my actual age. The coaching and accountability aspect of my program has really helped keep me on track. I’m doing it naturally. The staff is fantastic. They all work together to make sure my treatment plan is the best possible plan for me. I highly recommend New Horizon to anyone looking to improve their health in a safe and holistic way.”

Keith, Bridgewater

“22 pounds in 4 weeks! That’s what I lost at New Horizon. What I gained is my health! I am enjoying more food than ever before and have increased energy. I just feel great! The staff has me on a customized treatment plan that is holistic. No meds or starvation! On my journey to wellness, I have the full support of a nutritionist, a wellness coach and a personal trainer. I am also excited about the energy healing that I’m involved with. I’m just so excited for where New Horizon is taking me!”

Liz, Easton

“Before I found New Horizon I was lost. I felt as if I was a hamster stuck on a wheel running as fast as my tiny legs could carry me and getting nowhere. I thought I was doing everything right. My diet was clean, no alcohol, no processed sugar, no soda, no table salt and no butter. I was a faithful calorie counter and even a gym rat. The scale WOULD NOT BUDGE!

I was about to give up when on a bad day at work I was going to skip the gym but decided at the last minute to go anyway, and have been thankful for that decision ever since. When I got to the gym, New Horizon Medical had a table there promoting a health screening that included an analysis of my metabolism and thyroid functions….SCORE! I will credit the man upstairs for this faithful meeting.

After the initial screen, some tweaking to my caloric intake and workout routine…3 months later I am 15 lbs lighter with a renewed sense of spirit and….at last….an understanding of the body mind and soul connection. For this, I have only the infinitely supportive, professional and superior staff at New Horizon to thank for this truly priceless gift. New Horizon is a pioneer of a new kind of healthcare service for a society truly in need. It has provided me with an appreciation for the importance of how every aspect of wellness plays a role in how we approach life and feel about ourselves overall. I am so happy I made the investment in myself at New Horizon.

I know I will never be able to put into words what I feel in my heart for the New Horizon Organization and for each staff member as an individual. Walking in the door for my weekly visit is like walking into a great big hug! New Horizon makes a difference in people’s lives….THANK YOU!”

Caren C., Foxborough

“My New Horizon experience has been simply awesome. I really like the balanced approach to the treatment they give me at my weekly visits. All at a single location, I am able to meet with a counselor, nutritionist and personal trainer for consultations. They truly offer a team approach to my care and they all know my unique situation. They offer flexible scheduling as well. Sometimes I see them early in the morning and at other times I am able to meet with them in the evening. The staff is caring and the atmosphere is very warm and welcoming. I am making great progress losing weight and I’m feeling great! The unique model at New Horizon is the future of medical care.”

Chuck R., East Falmouth

“The staff at New Horizon has encouraged my wife and I to eat healthy – no sweets or junk food – and keep track of the calories we take in. It was hard at first without soda, cookies, pies, ice cream and lots of bread, but everything has worked out. I have lost 13 pounds and my wife has dropped two dress sizes. Debbie, Kristen, Danielle and Susan have a great attitude with cheerful greetings, hugs and lots of encouragement. The weekly visits keep us on track with the exercise part and the food part. We have submitted all of our follow-up visit invoices to Medicare and have received almost 80% reimbursement. I am also having a sleep apnea study done with the medical director, Dr. Mehta that I am most pleased with. Thank You New Horizon for the help and guidance we are receiving.”

Bob & Mary C., Norwood

“As a volunteer student at New Horizon Medical, I have had the privilege of being part of this incredible weight loss center which offers a holistic approach to improved wellness. This unique facility not only treats patients to help them lose weight, but also helps them change to a healthier lifestyle through behavior modification. New Horizon integrates metabolic testing, nutrition, fitness and coaching for each patient. The staff is extremely helpful and kind, always smiling and promoting positive energy throughout the clinic. Patients learn to make healthy lifestyle choices that can be carried with them for the rest of their lives. I have never seen a medical facility this comprehensive, but as the demand for improved health care continues to rise, New Horizon remains ready to help every individual with weight loss, fitness, nutrition medical supervision.”

Christiana B., Mansfield

“During most of my adult life I have struggled with overweight issues. Several years ago, I developed Type ll diabetes. In August of 2013, I was referred to New Horizon for help with my weight issues in the hopes of bringing my blood glucose down to a normal level. In only five weeks, with the help and guidance of the New Horizon staff, I have lost 12 pounds and my blood glucose readings have been lowered to near normal levels. My doctor has cut one of my diabetes medications in half.

During this five week period your staff has been professional, helpful, compassionate, and they have made me feel welcome with their unending positive attitude and inspiration. Over the past several years I have tried to lose weight on my own with no appreciable results, so I am amazed and thrilled with such positive results in such a relatively short time. I look forward to continued positive results with great pleasure and anticipation. Please express my appreciation to your staff.”

Rosalie F., West Newton

“Had my last “official” appointment with some wonderful people I’ve been lucky enough to know and spend the last 10 months with every Saturday! You all had a hand in helping me get control of my health and I can’t thank you all enough for the fun, the great dietary and fitness advice and accountability you ask of your clients that allows them to succeed!! Final count: 48.6 BIG LBS!! At 48 I’ve never felt better (nice round number that 48!). I’ll miss my weekly meetings but you haven’t seen the last of me (yup Wendy….I’LL BE BACK TO HARRASS YOU, HAHA!). Here’s a little “before & after” for prosperity :):)”

Michelle M., Shrewsbury

“5 STARS!!
I really can’t say enough about the AMAZING staff at New Horizon! This place is truly WONDERFUL! Unfortunately, due to being over 1.5 hours away and a partial loss in income, I had to postpone my weekly visits. However, I’m still eating healthy using the goals Danielle set for me and gradually adding to the exercises David gave me, and I’m proud to say that I’ve lost 15.8 pounds since March and 17.4 pounds of fat! THANK YOU to the staff at New Horizon! I hope to be back soon!!!!”

Melissa B., Fitchburg

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