A Calorie Killer, Do You Remember Jumping Rope?

For all our weight loss seeking readers out there, here is the challenge of the day:

Can you imagine grabbing a jump rope for you and your child and going out to the drive way or garage and trying to jump rope with them for 10 minutes? Such simple fun, but yet a bonding experience that will be remembered for a life time. Imagine doing it with them for a few weeks, months or a year? What will that child think of you?

Weight loss, childhood obesity, diabetes and a vast array of other related problems could be arrested by getting the fun back into simple calorie burning activities. Do them with a child and your whole world will change. You know what we mean. Put the clicker down and just do it!

Yep! 100 big ones with that jump rope in 10 minutes and you will melt away 100 calories in a flash. Yes you can laugh, count forward or backward, grin or go crazy, just do it!

Did you know that jumping rope provides excellent cardio and at the same time helps you tone up from head to toe? Get into a routine starting with a warm-up, moving to a full 15 to 20 minutes of a full cardio and an easy cool down and you will begin shedding the pounds.

So if you have nothing to lose other than pounds, and you have a child that you are looking for a bonding experience with try this old fashion past time of jumping rope! At New Horizon, there is a focus on getting back to some very beneficial activities. Once people are re-introduced to them, they are amazed at how much fun they can have. So, did we say put the clicker down? Just do it!

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