Wellness Partners

New Horizon is thrilled to work with organizations sharing our philosophy that a healthy work force is a more productive work force. Studies have shown that employees with healthy minds and bodies have better attitudes and are more excited about going to work. When they feel better about themselves, they feel better about everything else.

Healthy employees:

  • Have less absenteeism
  • Are sick less often
  • Have greater stamina
  • Have positive attitudes
  • Visit doctors less often resulting in fewer medical claims
  • Have less on the job accidents or injuries
  • Are happier employees

An unhealthy workforce is taxing to your bottom line. Many companies are now making an investment in corporate wellness and in fact the federal government has mandated new employer initiatives focused on making more programs available and achieving 75% staff participation. We work personally with each employee enrolled and help them establish new habits that will help them be better employees. As a full medical center that accepts major insurances, employers can offer their employees participation in our programs at no cost to the employer.

Our Health and Wellness Partnership Programs get results.  People in the workplace have taken notice of positive changes seen in employees that are participating in our program.  To learn more about how our partnership can help your employees become healthier and more productive, please contact us to schedule a meeting. We look forward to helping your workforce become healthier one employee at a time.

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