American Medical Association (AMA) Recognizes Obesity as a Disease

The American Medical Association (AMA) had their annual meeting in Chicago on Tuesday of this week and the association’s House of Delegates voted overwhelmingly to recognize obesity as a “disease”. Up until Tuesday, the AMA considered obesity to be a major public health issue and the “disease” designation had not been used.  This change is expected to encourage doctors to refer their patients to medical weight loss programs that will be able to help the patient achieve their weight loss goal.  “Recognizing obesity as a disease will help change the way the medical community tackles this complex issue that affects approximately 1 in 3 Americans,” said Dr. Patrice Harris, an AMA board member.

New horizon Weight Loss provides a comprehensive approach to obesity.  Our multi-disciplinary staff works to provide a non-fragmented approach to weight loss.  New Horizon’s “Lifestyle Medicine Program” incorporates education, diet, behavior modification, exercise and permanent lifestyle changes into every weekly visit.  Weekly visits not only provide medical supervision, but also empower the patient to take ownership of their weight loss efforts.  Patients see excellent results because of the balanced approach to care that is employed and behavioral changes that they encouraged

With a staff consisting of nurse practitioners, dietitians, counselors, coaches and personal trainers working with patients each week, success prevails.  Encouragement and support is provided at every 1 to 1 interaction with the New Horizon medical staff.  A great emphasis is placed on education and behavioral change for long term success.  Each patient starts with a full medical evaluation.  We identify current medical problems and assess for future risk.  These problems and associated risks are presented to the patient in an educational way.   We then communicate and routinely collaborate with the patient’s other providers to ensure continuity.  Our goal is always to have each patient make permanent lifestyle changes that will lead to optimal health and vitality.

The AMA’s decision will reinforce the importance of taking action with obese patients.  A comprehensive approach to medical weight loss is a solution that will work if the obese patient is willing to commit themselves to a regimen that will help them achieve their goal safely.

New Horizon is a weight loss specialty provider offering a number of weight loss programs under medical supervision.  New Horizon provides medical weight loss services to the greater Boston area and is currently accepting new patients. Interested people can call New Horizon for a FREE Weight Loss consultation.  781-269-5400