Childhood Obesity and Teen Weight Loss in MA

A new year resolution worth considering: Get your kids off the couch. You ask, how is this possible? Like anything else the kids have learned their “couch occupying” behavior over time, so it is not practical to think that to undo, or “no couch time” is an appropriate fix. Instead, think of modifying that behavior by strongly encouraging alternative activities for a period of time each day. For example, when you are at home with the kids, round them all up and go out for a 30 minute walk, or take them to the park. How about a bike ride, or kick the soccer ball around in the yard for 30 minutes? The kids watch enough TV, so if they are requested to participate in other more healthy activities that are presented and perceived as fun, they will respond. BUT, to get the kids off the couch, you must commit to do more than yell.

Time and again, research has shown that kids moved more when their parents move more. The old saying “do as I do, not as I say” could never be more applicable. Let’s face it, spending time with your kids is more personal and real than anything offered on TV. When your children are grown, what will be their childhood memories? Will their memories be headlined by TV titles and video games, or will they recognize the personal interaction they had with you doing fun family activities together and remembering that you enjoyed being in lives in a very personal way growing up? It’s your choice moms and dads. You only have them around you for so long at ages when they see you as their supreme role model. Why not make the effort to involve them in physical activities beyond thumb joint exercising?

Teen age obesity is all around us and we all know of children in need of help. Studies have shown that childhood blood pressure is on the rise caused in part by soaring obesity levels. Childhood obesity is also on the rise at an alarming rate which causes grave concern about the number of new diabetes cases in kids. We as parents need to help the weight loss effort by leading the way with beneficial activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Teen Weight Loss is challenging because of the number of distractions the kids are dealing with.