CorporateWellness Partnerships

As we slide into 2013, we have received calls asking about corporate wellness programs to address weight loss, obesity and related diseases in the work place. These are great inquires as new legislation is encouraging employers to make available specific wellness programs to their employee population. Employees that actively participate in a comprehensive health and wellness program are found to be healthier because they have lost weight, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, have improved their confidence and attitude, and are recognized as more productive employees. It is a win win for any company to offer a comprehensive plan to their employees, especially when it cost the employer absolutely nothing. That’s right, the employee can come to a program and only be responsible for an insurance co-pay as they would be at any other medical doctor’s office. Some employers have opted to help a little with the co-pays to encourage participation. Tere are many different options for employers to take advantage of the services offered by New Horizon. New Horizon will gladly engage and answer any questions that employers may have. Corporate Wellness is taking on a new meaning and it is important that employers understand what new obligations regarding health and wellness offerings can be expected as a result of new legislation.