Dealing with Obesity as a “Disease”

Although the American Medical Association (AMA) cast its overwhelming vote to officially designate obesity as a “disease” instead of referring to it as a “chronic condition” or a “major health concern”, it doesn’t make the burden any easier for the obese individual to commit to taking action to improve their condition.  The most difficult challenge is making that first life saving decision to get started.  At New Horizon Weight Loss, we applaud every patient for making that decision to take action.

Many people have questions about which weight loss programs are safe and most effective for them.  They know they need to do something for their own health, but don’t know about costs or if they can find the discipline to be successful.  Others, for a variety of reasons will procrastinate and put it off to another day.

At New Horizon Weight Loss, a professional medical team will work with you in a methodical way to help you focus and get off to a good start with which ever customized weight loss plan you select.  The team will help you select the best program based on a number of factors to include blood test results, urinalysis, bio-impedance, EKG, resting metabolic rate (RMR) test, your medical history and family medical history, exercise habits, and a number of other important lifestyle considerations.

Every patient is different and deserves to have the best weight loss plan designed specifically for them.  The plan must take into consideration lifestyle and be achievable.  New Horizon will provide the nutrition and medical support as well as the exercise oversight and motivation through its coaches and counselors.

Our approach is very non-fragmented in that our multi-functional team will all be on the same page helping you succeed.  If you are able to find the courage to get started and make the phone call, the New Horizon staff will immediately relax any fears you may have and take a personal interest in helping you be comfortable addressing the subject.

We know that stepping forward to begin a life changing journey is not easy, but once we have you in our care, a roadmap will be set and you will see changes that will bring you better health, happiness and vitality.

With the AMA’s recent change in classification of obesity, your physician now has an obligation to make your diagnosis and prescribe a treatment that will get results.  Physicians will need to become more comfortable raising weight concerns with patients and more forceful about referring patients to facilities that will get the job done in a healthy way.

New Horizon is a medically supervised weight loss center offering a wide variety of weight loss programs customized to each individual.  New Horizon serves the Boston Metro West area and supports local family practitioners and primary care doctors that refer patients for weight loss.  New Horizon accepts major medical insurance and Medicare.  For more information individuals can call New Horizon at 781-269-5400 for a FREE weight loss consultation.