Depression, How do I Know?

Depression: How do I know?
Depression is an illness that can have lasting health implications if not treated professionally. It can impact our ability to live what we would consider a normal lifestyle. Our sleeping habits, eating habits and our ability to perform at work can be interrupted by a growing feeling of hopelessness. If early stages of depression are allowed to go unattended, other conditions such as decreased energy, fatigue and headaches will set in.
As depression deepens, there comes a loss of interest in doing the things that were routine before the illness started. An illness that is more common in women, depression can be treated with medication and counseling. Often times people are depressed and do not realize it. The Department of Health and Human Services claims that 20% of Americans suffer from diagnosable mental disorders. If you know of someone that is depressed, encourage them to seek help. Treating the illness early can help shorten the time to recovery. For more information on Depression, visit the National Institute of Mental Health on line at