Employee of the Month, December: Vanessa

Q: What is your job title and when did you start working here?
A: I’m a medical receptionist, and I started training exactly a year ago!  December of 2016.”

Q: How did you first get started at New Horizon?
A: “I just saw an opening on Indeed and applied.”

Q: What is your favorite part of your job every day?
A: “I like the consistency, seeing the same patients every week and seeing their improvement, even though I don’t know a lot about them medically.”  

Q: What do you wish more people knew about your job?
A: “You have to be really good at multitasking, when there are multiple patients at the desk it can be challenging.”  

Q: When you’re not working at New Horizon, what are you most likely to be doing?
A: I’m active, so I go the the gym a lot.  I also do outdoor activities; I hike and go skiing.  I usually ski at Bretton Woods, but I just started skiing two years ago.”  

Q: What’s your favorite food?
A: Tacos!”