Exercise, Nutrition and then Weight Loss, but WHY?

We do not “do” weight loss. What we do is exercise and manage our nutrition. When this is done right, weight loss will most often follow. This point is simple to understand but is sometimes hard to put into practice. To do more exercise or make changes to our daily nutrition calls upon us to step out of our comfort zone and do something different. This means work. Progress usually does mean work and it is important to rise each day and re-commit to ourselves that we will do the work to achieve our goal because the reason for our goal is significant. This is known as our “WHY”. The bigger the “WHY” the more motivated we become.

Once a woman explained that she wanted to lose 40 pounds to be able to fit into her bathing suit this summer. Upon hearing this her coach challenged her “WHY” and fitting into her bathing suit this summer was expanded to “I want to avoid diabetes and live long enough to see my grandchildren”. Expanding our “WHY” can can become an important motivator and having a coach help you find our most meaningful “WHY” can be a very beneficial thought process.

With an expanded “WHY” in focus, it becomes easier to to do the work of exercise and stay compliant to a nutrition plan. This can become our guide post. Our “WHY” must have special meaning for us to commit to doing something different. If the “WHY” is in focus, the passion for achieving will be there for as long as we let it.