Getting Enough Vitamins and Minerals

Many of our natural foods are nutrient deficient due to farming practices that the agricultural industry has been implementing for decades in an effort to maximize product output.  Some of the leading culprits are inorganic fertilizers, pesticides and over-farmed soils lacking key nutrients.  Also, many vegetables are treated with sulfites to simply give the appearance of freshness.  Even our processed foods are micronutrient deficient. Our diets also rely on refined grains, sugar and enriched cereals that are deficient in essential vitamins and minerals.  In most cases our bodies are not getting the amount of nutrients that will lead us to optimal health.

Healthy eating, nutrition, exercise and proper sleep all help rejuvenate your body but if the nutritional building blocks are not in adequate quantities, the deficiencies need to be addressed with supplements.  Proper nutrition through healthy whole foods is always the best approach, but if you are not getting what your body depends on, then it is time to evaluate your alternatives.

Fish oils, vitamins, minerals and amino acids are all required for proper body functioning. Fish oils are great for your cardiac health and will also aid in reducing immune activation.  Combined with exercise, fish oils can also reduce body fat.  Vitamin A, B, C, D and K are organic compounds that are required by your body in the right amounts for peak performance.  Minerals cannot be made by our bodies and must come from the earth to us primarily through plant sources. As plant sources continue to deplete the minerals from the fields they grow in, newly planted crops are unable to absorb as much mineral.

At New Horizon, our medical staff will help identify deficiencies in your diet and make recommendations around your eating habits and supplements if necessary.  Being aware of a deficiency now allows time for you to make adjustments that can enable optimal health.  If the deficiency is missed, you could be leaving your body vulnerable to sickness and disease.  The bottom line is to understand if you are deficient so that you can take action.

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