Happy Patient Testimonial

Before I found New Horizon I was lost. I felt as if I were a hamster stuck on its wheel running as fast as my tiny legs could take me while going nowhere. I thought I was doing everything right. My diet was clean, no alcohol, no processed sugar, no soda, no table salt, no butter, faithful calorie counter…gym rat even! That scale WOULD NOT BUDGE!

I was about to give up when on a bad day at work I was going to skip the gym but at the last minute decided against it…and have been thankful for that decision ever since. When I got there New Horizon Medical was advertising a health screening that included an analysis of my metabolism and thyroid functions…..SCORE! I will forever credit the man upstairs for this faithful meeting.

After the initial screen, some tweaking to my caloric intake and workout routine..3 months later I am 15 lbs lighter with a renewed sense of spirit and..at last..an understanding of the body, mind and soul connection. For this, I have only the infinitely supportive, professional and superior staff at New Horizon to thank for this truly priceless gift. New Horizon is a pioneer of a new kind of healthcare service for a society truly in need. It will provide you with an appreciation for the importance of how every aspect of wellness plays a role in how we approach life and feel about ourselves overall. I am so happy I made the investment in myself with New Horizon because it was an investment in my future…and quite frankly..I deserve it!

This is my testimonial as to how much you have changed my life. While I was trying to be succinct I feel I may have gone on, and on and on but at the same time not saying enough. I know I will never be able to put into words what I feel in my heart for your organization and for each of you as individuals. Walking in the door each time I come is like walking into a great big hug. You make a difference in people’s lives…thank you.

Love to all!