Holiday Calorie Watch

The holidays are a time for us to come together and enjoy each other’s company. Most of the time our gatherings involve lots of well intended food, really tasty food! All of the special holiday items that are prepared or made available in restaurants seem to be more available to us at this time of year. Sometimes we feel as though we are grazing all day over the abundance of goodies we find around us.
Every scrumptious mouthful can account for 50 to 100 calories or more. An average cupcake (400 calories), donut (350 calories), muffin (400 calories) or martini (300 calories) can add up quickly as we make our way through work related parties and family events. Never mind if we are still consuming our three square meals a day. We can very quickly be consuming 1000 calories or more per day on top of our normal diets. No wonder that we all seem to fall into the “gain” column by mid January.
Research has shown that at least two thirds of men and women gain weight over the holidays and almost 15 percent gain 4 pounds or more. It’s easy to lose track of the “extra” consumption at this time of year if we are not writing it down, remaining mindful and managing our consumption.
At New Horizon we help our weight loss patients learn to cope with the holidays. We teach tips and techniques that heighten the awareness of holiday foods and what they mean to us. We provide alternatives and ways to plan foods in advance, be more deliberate and accountable for what we take in. Mindful eating can help us keep the calories in check and at the same time enjoy our times with the people we love and want to be around for the holidays.
For those who make it through the holidays with less success than desired, it’s never too late to get started with a plan to get to a desired weight and then manage a healthy weight. At New Horizon, we help many people get started with customized plans in January. Starting off the New Year with a plan for better health is the right thing to do, and help is not far away.
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