Holiday Food Fears!

November and December are perhaps the most challenging months for us when it comes to our weight. Even if we were thinking of starting a weight loss program in the fall, it is too easy to dismiss the idea saying, “I think I’ll wait until after the holidays”. But wait! This could be a tactical error. Suppose that you started a program now and as part of the program learned how to manage your diet through the holidays. Come January, you would find that you actually AVOIDED weight gain because of your deliberate effort to exercise learned behaviors around food. Weight control is as much mental as it is physical. Exercise is always good for many reasons, but our decision process when looking at so much exciting holiday food is critical. If we do not manage our consumption of calories during the holidays, we all know the January consequences. So, don’t be so fast to dismiss the idea of starting your weight loss program before the holidays. It could be your best salvation for coming into the new year feeling light!