New Horizon Weight Loss

New Horizon Weight Loss is anticipating a successful second year of practice in Norwood. Since opening in December of 2011 it has been received as the most comprehensive provider of weight loss program(s) in the area. New Horizon specializes in working with each patient it receives on an individual basis with a lazer focus on specific diet and physical activity requirements. Because New Horizon Weight Loss is a full medical facility, it accepts all major insurances for services provided. Many of our referrals come from family practice, cardiology specialists and primary care physicians. Registered dietitians, wellness counselors, coaches, trainers and the medical staff provide exceptional care through their collaboration and weekly visits with each patient.

New Horizon has established partner relationships with employers in the local area that allow employers to offer exceptional care to their employee population. This has served to be of great benefit to the companies. This initiative will continue into the new year.

Lots of changes are anticipated in 2013. Keep an eye on the blog!