New Mother Nutritional Program

The New Mother Nutritional Program was created due to the necessity of continued care for our patients who have successfully conceived while in our Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program. We are now expanding our program to meet the needs of a variety of obstetric and breastfeeding patients.


Nutrition counseling during and immediately after pregnancy can support optimal gestational weight gain, reduce the risk of anemia, preeclampsia and gestational diabetes, and lower the risk of preterm delivery. Our Registered Dietitians will help support a healthy diet with adequate energy, protein, vitamins and minerals through conception, pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Some common nutrition questions/concerns addressed during nutritional counseling sessions:

  • How do I balance my meals to control hunger, cravings and my blood sugar?
  • How can avoid gestational diabetes and other dangerous conditions?
  • How do I get the extra protein I need during pregnancy?  How much should I have?
  • How do I pick a high quality prenatal vitamin?
  • What other supplements may I benefit from in addition to a prenatal vitamin?
  • What are healthier alternatives to foods I am craving?
  • What foods should be avoided during pregnancy?
  • I have anemia, how can I get more iron from my diet?
  • I follow a vegetarian or plant-based diet, how can I get all the nutrition I need?
  • What kinds of fish/shellfish are best for me and my baby?
  • How do I avoid gaining too much weight during pregnancy?
  • I have a lot of nausea, what foods are best and how can I manage naturally?
  • I am dealing with constipation, what foods can help me?
  • What foods are best for promoting good milk supply?
  • My baby has food allergies, what are some alternatives to these foods I have to avoid?


For patients struggling with infertility or irregular ovulation due to obesity, they may choose to participate in our Medically Supervised Weight Loss program. Weight loss of at least 5-10% of body weight can significantly improve pregnancy outcomes. Once pregnancy is achieved then they can be transferred to our New Mothers Nutrition Program.  


Like the other programs at New Horizon Medical the nutritional program is insurance based and referrals may be needed.