According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 20% of expectant women are obese which can have adverse impact on both the baby and mom. Women who are obese during pregnancy risk having complications such as diabetes, unnecessary infections and clotting of blood. Besides having mom at risk, there is even more concern about the baby’s health during pregnancy. Stillbirths, intrauterine death and unnecessary neonatal infection occur more often with pregnant women that are obese.
At New Horizon Medical, our staff will work with women wanting to conceive. The staff will help them get their weight down to a level that will allow them to have a safer pregnancy. In a perfect world, a body mass index of 22 to 24 at conception would set the stage for a safe 15 to 20 pound weight gain during pregnancy. Besides managing weight in preparation for conception, and during pregnancy, staff members also focus on proper prenatal diet and recommended exercises that can be continued through pregnancy.
The comprehensive staff of Nurse Practitioners, Registered Dietitians, Certified Wellness Coaches and Personal Trainers all work together to ensure that the best care is provided before and during pregnancy. Weekly visits with the team afford the patient an opportunity to learn health information that is pertinent to a safe pregnancy and to be coached on how to deal with behavioral changes that naturally occur during pregnancy. Knowing a team of such professional weight loss specialists can really help women to have the most enjoyable experience of pregnancy and child birth.
With wellness plans being covered by most medical insurances, the opportunity has never been greater to be in the hands of a medical team that will follow your progress every step of the way.
New Horizon Medical is a full medical facility serving the communities of Norwood, Sharon, Canton, Westwood, Walpole and Dedham. All major insurances are accepted and weekly visits are made by appointment. Weight Management is a way of life. New Horizon will guide you to success!