OPTIFAST Program at New Horizon in Norwood, MA

This blog is designed to provide some basic information on the OPTIFAST Weight Loss Program offered at New Horizon in Norwood, MA. The blog is in response to a number of questions being asked about how the program works. Everything you would want to know about the OPTIFAST Weight  Management Program can be found on the optifast.com website which is very comprehensive.

New Horizon is one of a few facilities throughout MA and RI that offers the program. The New Horizon medical staff has completed the OPTIFAST training program enabling the site to be certified to administer the program.

The OPTIFAST Program focuses on a narrowing of the diet (bars, shakes and soups).  In addition to the diet, our staff provides the necessary motivation, coaching, physical activity and coping skills to enable patient success.

Major medical insurance covers the required weekly visits but does not cover the consumable food products. Certain physical criteria need to be met for participation in the OPTIFAST program and patienst need to be cleared by our medical practitioner to participate.   Patients at New Horizon that are participating in the program are finding tremendous success. Contact New Horizon at 781-269-5400 to learn more about the OPTIFAST Program and if it is the right weight loss program for you.