Patient Success Stories: Al

Before they get started with a weight loss program, most people have specific goals and expectations.  However, when we asked Al, a New Horizon patient, how he got started with New Horizon’s weight loss program, he said that he “just kind of fell into it.” 

Al’s wife was already a patient at New Horizon, so after seeing the success she was having with the program, “I figured it was working for her, so I would give it a shot,” he said, but “when I was informed that I would have to keep a food journal… I thought, so that’s the end of that.”

Even with his uncertainty about journaling, however, he “fell into” that aspect of the program as well.  “It was close to seamless,” he said.  Through journaling Al “found out that I was up to 3,000 or 3,500 calories a day before coming here, my calories were way too high.”  So, he stuck with the program and decided to make a change. “I was at 202 pounds, thought ‘182 sounds good’… and lo and behold, here I am at 173.4,” he said.  

Besides his success and weight loss, Al has enjoyed the program because of the staff. “The staff has been outstanding, if I had to pick a phrase it would be ‘they put up with me,’” he joked.  He also can’t say enough about the multi-disciplinary approach provided by New Horizon.  “The multi disciplinary approach is a real plus… it’s the only way to really lose weight,” he said.

Now, at a stable weight and transitioning towards the maintenance phase of New Horizon’s program, Al is “a happy camper,” and had some advice to share with potential patients who are considering joining the program: “if folks decide at the front end of this thing that they’re serious about losing weight, then give new horizon and it’s protocol a chance, because it works,” he said.  “Take all your preconceived attitudes about weight loss and trash them, and open up a new book.”