Patient Success Stories: John

When John first began as a patient here at New Horizon, he had nothing to lose, except the weight that was holding him back. After exceeding his expectations and surpassing his goals during his time here, we asked John to share his success story.

How did you first hear about New Horizon?- “During an annual Physical I asked my Primary Care Doctor if she could recommend a weight loss program, and she suggested New Horizon.”

How has the New Horizon team helped you to achieve your goals?- “I found the team very supportive and informative. They were great coaches and mentors throughout the whole process.”

What has your experience here been like?- “I was not their typical patient, I had considerable weight to loose. My initial goal was 125 pounds, followed up by an additional goal of 50 more.  I have been able to surpass both of those goals and then some, this program has been life changing for me!” 

What do you wish more people knew about New Horizon?- “The program helps you to achieve your weight loss goals, if you are committed to losing weight this program is the best around. The program has you focus on weight loss (then management) along with promoting physical activity. I have tried many diets over the years but this surpassed my expectations, because their program adapts as you make progress to optimize your weight loss. This is the best long term weight loss program I have ever come across, I highly recommend it!”