Patient Success Stories: Mary

When Mary was referred to New Horizon Medical by her doctor nearly four years ago, she was eager to try a new option for healthy weight loss.

From her first experience up until today, her favorite thing about coming to the office is the New Horizon team. “I just like everybody here,” she reflects, thinking back to her first experience.

Another perk of the program that Mary enjoys is the lasting success resulting from mindset and behavioral changes. “With every other diet I’ve been on, there have been fluctuations, but not here,” she says.

Although she’s taken some time off from the program in the past, she’s back, and feels “better than ever.” And, as she’s quick to note, “whenever I took a break, I still maintained my progress” through the techniques she learned from the New Horizon team.

Whether it’s eating and cooking healthy food, staying active by hiking and kayaking, or just practicing mindfulness in her everyday routine, Mary is a testament to the success and health that behavioral changes can help New Horizon’s patients to achieve.