Patient Success Stories: Micky

Losing weight is no piece of cake, as Micky W., a New Horizon patient, found out.  When she first started the program here “it was very hard… I couldn’t have my chocolate cake,” she said.  However, with hard work and determination, Micky persevered. Today, she is nearly at her goal weight, having lost 20 out of the 22 pounds that she would like to lose.

However, this isn’t the first time that Micky has been on a weight-loss journey.  Before coming to New Horizon, Micky “had 22 pounds to lose, it took me two and a half years on [the first program],” she said.  After completing her first program in 2007, she kept the weight off for a while, but it returned in 2014 after the devastating losses of both her husband and son.  So, she turned to a new program: New Horizon.

Micky first found out about New Horizon through the recommendations of several of her friends, one of whom had gone through the other weight loss program with her.  “They said to me ‘Micky, this program is unbelievable,’” she said, so she decided to give weight loss another try.   

“I was determined to get back to my weight, I couldn’t get into my clothes,” Micky recalled.  With the New Horizon team helping her every step of the way, “every one of my numbers went down, I’ve lost 20 (pounds) so far and I expect to lose 22, so two more to go,” she said.  “The biggest thing is they work with my metabolism… I couldn’t believe how the fat content of mine went down.”

Compared to the two and a half years it took her to get to her goal weight with other programs, “it it took me only a few months to lose that much here,” she said.

Besides enjoying the success that has come with the program, Micky has also enjoyed working with the staff here at New Horizon.  “They’ve been awesome, the feedback has been fabulous… they really work with me and I feel like they have been very honest,” she said.  “The biggest thing is having the one-on-one… it’s really individualized.”

Even though the program is no piece of cake, Micky firmly believes that it’s worth it, based on the results.  “You get such proof that what you’re doing is really working, it’s no gimmick.”