Risk Factors for Heart Disease that YOU can control

Following are risk factors for heart disease that we all have the ability to control through choices we make every day. Our choices may be about behavior, lifestyle, exercise and nutrition, but they will influence our health over the long run.

Elevated Cholesterol
High Blood Pressure
Overweight or Obesity
Lack of Exercise
Use of Drugs, Alcohol or Tobacco

If you have more than one of these risk factors for heart disease, your risk for developing heart disease increases significantly. The factors that we cannot control are age, sex and genetics.

Simply put, we are smart to do everything within our power to eliminate the risk factors we have control over to enjoy a long and healthy life. To turn a cold shoulder to the controllable risk factors is just a bad decision. Consult with your health practitioner or counselor to review all your risk factors and determine what positive steps can be taken. At New Horizon Medical our practitioners and counselors work every day with patients on ways to reduce and eliminate risk factors. Don’t put off what could be a life threatening condition. Call New Horizon today to learn more about the risk factors you should be concerned about. 781-269-5400