Seafood Variety

Did you know that in America we consume on average about 16lbs of seafood a year and that almost all of it comes from only 10 species?
The most common species are tuna, salmon and shrimp. It’s interesting to know that fisheries haul in hundreds of species every day but discard most of the catch and hold onto the more common “marketable” species that we can all recite or be familiar with when we hear the name.
Mention Monkfish, Pollock or Dogfish in conversation and you may invite some strange looks of misunderstanding. Our fish markets and grocery stores are not going to stock these outstanding species unless we as consumers ask for them. The grocer would rather go with the run of the mill names.
More important than the species found at the market is perhaps the freshness of the stock being offered that day. Sometimes the salmon or cod fish we ask for can be a couple of days old. Because it is a familiar species we take it not knowing that the unknown species sitting next to the salmon or cod just arrived on the ice.
Thinking outside the box, our inquisitiveness should lead us to ask about the freshest catch in the store. Although it may turn out to be a species you are unaware of, it may turn out to be an exciting fish eating experience. Google the name of the fish and review the many exciting recipes available. You will be pleasantly surprised at how your creativity can lead to more exquisite home dining.
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