Spring Health Check Up

Now is the time to ask yourself a few questions that can be more important to you this spring than anything else. The questions are about your health and the answers you give should lead to some decisions making. Here is the short list:
Am I overweight or obese?
Do I smoke or drink excessively?
Do I have high blood pressure?
Do I know my cholesterol numbers?
When did I last have blood work done and meet with my doctor to go over the results?
How much physical activity have I been doing in recent months?
How has my attitude about myself and others around me been lately?
Being able to answer these questions helps us understand that maybe it is time to seek professional help to focus on our health this spring. Medical issues that are not addressed most probably won’t improve in any way unless action is taken. If issues are left unattended, there is greater risk that they will manifest into more dangerous health concerns. We all need to become our own best advocate for our health. We need to play an active role in getting information about our health and then doing things that will help us to improve. We have the choice to avoid change all together or to make change in ways that will give us a new outlook on who we are and the level of health we would like to achieve.
As spring is now upon us, and our lives have become busy at this time of year, let us not forget to take care of ourselves and make sure that we are as healthy as we can be. There are probably a lot of people depending on us to be there for them. Getting a handle on our health this spring should be high on the priority list. Let us set a couple of new goals that will help us in some way. We do control our destiny.

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