Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Staying Active through January, and Beyond!

January.  The first month of each year is filled with freezing temperatures, snow storms, and trying almost anything to keep warm.  However, many New Year’s Resolutions include losing weight, getting fit, or just improving your overall health. So, it is essential to stay active, even when you would rather be curled up on the couch.

How can we stick to our resolutions even during the coldest months of the year?  Here are a few options to help you get fitter and feel better through the winter:

  1. Go for a walk

    Even though there may be snow on the ground, walking is still a great way to stay active throughout the winter.  As long as you are properly prepared for cold temperatures, walking is a safe, low cost, and easy way to stick to your resolutions.  To stay motivated, take along a friend or some music! Also, remember to wear clothes that will make you easily visible to drivers if you walk on or near the road.

  2. Participate in winter activities

    Although people generally spend less time outside during winter than during any other season, there are still plenty of fun winter activities that will help you to get moving and stay in shape!  Ice skating, snow skiing or snowboarding, sledding and building snowmen are all fun ways to get active.  Through these activities you burn a few calories, get your heart rate up, and have the added bonus of making great memories with your loved ones!

  3. Join a gym

    Joining a gym one of the most expensive ways to stay active during the winter, but for many people, spending money on a membership is the perfect motivation to keep working out!  Exercising at a gym also helps you stay committed to your resolutions because they offer a variety of exercise options.  With so many options, you can change up your exercise routine frequently and prevent boredom.

Over the next few weeks and the months ahead, remember to stay true to your resolutions and commit to improving your health! Even though it may seem impossible to stay active during the winter, walking in a winter wonderland is a great first step.