Weight Loss Advocate at New Horizon

Patient advocate: By popular demand New Horizon has established the position of patient advocate so that each patient can have program related questions answered at each visit. At New Horizon, a lot of information is provided to patients by the medical team and our advocate will help clarify any aspect of a patient’s visit before they leave. The advocate will also carefully monitor week to week progress of patients.

Our weight loss patients know that we have a number of different programs and it is important that each patient is crystal clear on their path to success. Each patient program is customized to the individual based on the results of their comprehensive testing at the first visit. Each week a patient will see a practitioner, registered dietitian, personal trainer and a wellness coach. The patient will receive valuable input from each and by the end of the visit they may have some confusion which can be clarified with the advocate. So far, this added position has received great reviews and New Horizon looks forward to bringing an even better experience to each patient.