Weight Loss at New Horizon

Over 40 million Americans spend in excess of $30B each year on weight loss products.  One would think that we should be the leanest people on the planet.  Unfortunately, the US and Mexico are now competing for the number one ranking as the country with the most overweight and obese population.

This growing population is responsible for the escalation of serious health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, heart disease and cancers.  Our challenge is to understand that obesity is a disease that requires lifelong attention and that only through behavioral and lifestyle changes, will optimal health be achieved.

At New Horizon we have developed comprehensive evidence-based weight loss programs that include lifestyle change, education, diet, exercise, counseling, consistent weekly visits and support.  Weight loss is not easily accomplished.  Excess weight is accumulated over a lifetime.  Undoing this takes time and patience.  With a weight loss team of professionals working with you each week in a very balanced fashion, success will come.

New Horizon is a medical weight loss center providing services to the communities of Norwood, Sharon, Westwood, Dedham, Canton, Milton, Canton and the surrounding area. New Horizon works directly with area physicians that are now being challenged by the AMA’s classification of obesity as a disease.  New Horizon is able to collaborate with physicians and help their patients lose weight.

New Horizon Weight Loss

38 Vanderbilt Ave. Suite E.

Norwood, MA  02062