Weight Loss, Fitness and Nutrition at New Horizon

At New Horizon, our personal training staff works with each individual to help them adapt to exercise and physical activity that will provide two key benefits. Following a fitness assessment the training staff will first provide plans around aerobic activities which are so important for maintaining a healthy heart and cardio-vascular system. Secondly, they will work with you on adopting strength and conditioning routines that with help you increase your body strength and maintain healthy muscle mass. Fitness is an integral part of weight loss programs at New Horizon and the fitness component is customized to each individual.
New Horizon will tailor each weight loss program to the individual based on blood work, resting metabolic rate (RMR) testing, family history, medical history and a physical exam. Each patient then meets weekly with a multi-disciplined team that covers medical, behavioral, nutrition and fitness components of the patient’s weight loss plan. The key to success for each patient is to offer a balanced approach to the care provided for effective weight loss. Education and changes in behavior around nutrition and exercise is the cornerstone of successful weight loss at New Horizon.
New Horizon provides weight loss services in the communities of Norwood, Dedham, Canton, Sharon, Walpole, Stoughton and Foxboro MA. Major medical and Medicare is accepted. Free phone consultations are offered at 781-269-5400.