Weight Loss Norwood

Two thirds of Americans are obese and over half of our children are overweight or obese. The problem lies in the fact that our children are prone to developing high blood pressure and are put at risk of severe coronary artery disease. They are also at risk of developing a number of other diseases and disorders related to obesity.

At New Horizon of Norwood MA we help reverse many of the symptoms and prevent obesity associated diseases and disorders by providing customized weight loss plans that focus on a balance of improved diet and exercise. Our nutritionist can help patients take immediate steps to curb continued weight gain such as being able to identify foods or eating habits that are hurtful to one’s health. How often are fried or processed foods put on the table? Raising the awareness of unhealthy habits as well as viable alternatives is a good starting point.

Exercise is just as important as eating well. Part of living a healthier life is to become more active. Some people feel that they cannot exercise because of an injury or an illness. A personal trainer can design an exercise plan around most injuries or illnesses. This allows an individual to continue to get the aerobic value as well as the strength and conditioning benefits from exercise even if they are recovering from an illness.

Children are under our supervision for only a short time. As parents we have the opportunity to help them form healthy habits regarding food, exercise and lifestyle. The habits they learn at home will follow them for a long time and impact their health over their lifetime. At New Horizon, we have helped children change behaviors, and have provided an education on health and fitness that they understand and are willing to follow.

Searching for wellness is a personal journey and everyone will experience bumps along the way. Having a team of medical professionals that meet with patients weekly helps keep them on center regardless of the issues that come up. At New Horizon, we compliment pediatricians and primary care physician by helping each patient improve overall health and fitness through weekly visits. Our weight loss patients set their goals with a counselor and successfully achieve their goals through continuous coaching and self discipline.

The consistency of regular visits supports behavioral change. When it comes to making adjustments to our food, alcohol and lifestyle, the best results come from having clearly defined goals, getting encouragement regularly and being monitored by a professional. We have found that this formula helps people make changes that stick.