Weight Loss Programs Covered by Insurance

Have you ever wished that your health insurance would pay for your weight loss program and other preventative medical services? After all, you and your employer have paid a pretty hefty premium and don’t see much in return. One of the best ways to beat health care costs is to be healthy and avoid needing long term medical services. Like many, you may know that preventative care is less taxing on our health care system than dealing with illnesses (like diabetes) for the rest of your life.
At New Horizon, we offer a wide variety of weight loss programs in a medical setting which are covered by most major medical insurance carriers and Medicare. In some instances, referrals are required from your primary care doctor. Patients come to their 1 hour weekly appointments to meet with a nurse practitioner, nutritionist / dietitian, a counselor and a certified personal trainer. The team approach to your patient care has proven to be the formula for successful weight loss, transition and lifestyle changes.
Many weight loss programs require fees to be paid up front and contracts to be signed. If either of these conditions is true, you should take a step back and evaluate the total cost of the program. You also need to be sure that the program is right for you and fits your lifestyle. Successful programs will keep you coming back on your own because you are motivated by your own progress and you have a valuable support team behind you that you look forward to meeting with each week.
One of the keys to successful weight loss is to be able to make medically supervised adjustments to your program. If something is not working or agreeing with you, then it is beneficial to make the adjustments in either exercise, diet or the way you are thinking about your current situation. A balanced approach that you can find harmony with will be most effective in leading you to optimal health. Optimizing your health is a fundamental principle for living a longer life. We have been given one, what we do with it is in our hands.
New Horizon Medical is the area’s most comprehensive weight loss specialist. People wanting to learn more about their options can call for a FREE phone consultation. We serve the communities of Norwood, Sharon, Canton, Stoughton, Dedham, Westwood, Walpole and Foxborough. We also work with employers to develop employee wellness programs that will meet new legislative guidelines. We look forward to sharing our optimal health practices.